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Advisory Board Nominees

Sam Khan, Advisory Board Member
Sam Khan is a Well known South Asian and Muslim Community Leader.Sam is the President of South Asian Community outreach and The chairman of First South Asian Chamber of Commerce.Sam Khan vision is to empowerment of the Muslim in American Politics and promotes Muslim civic participation in the United States of America.
Syed Imtaz, Advisory Board Member
Syed Imtiaz is a well know politician and community leader.
Aref Assaf, Advisory Board Member
Dr. Aref Assaf (PhD, Political Science and International Law) is president and founder of American Arab Forum, AAF, a non partisan think-tank specializing in advocating positive image of the American Arab community. Dr. Assaf writes frequently in several New Jersey papers about contemporary American Arab issues and perspectives. Dr. Assaf is currently serving a second three-year term as a member of the New Jersey Governor’s Ethnic Advisory Council. Currently he is a feature columnist for the Star Ledger's NJ.Voices
Ehtisham Rza kazmi, Advisory Board Member
Rabbi Bernard Rosenberg, Advisory Board Member